MAGNATTACK™ Global (formerly WJB Engineering) are specialists in all types of magnetics for the food industry including RE80™ MAGNATTACK™ magnetic separation equipment and magnet validations of existing magnetic separation equipment, magnetic mats, magnetic indicator probes, magnetic equipment for blowlines and vacuum lines and magnetic equipment for high pressure liquid lines.

MAGNATTACK™ Global manufactures HACCP endorsed RE80™ Ultra High Energy Rare Earth Magnetic Separation Systems aimed to ensure liquid, powder and granular products are free of magnetics including work hardened stainless steel and magnetic stone fragments.
Current successful developments by MAGNATTACK™ Global include high intensity, fully automatic self cleaning grate magnet systems which are available to food industry, worldwide.

MAGNATTACK™ Global began trading as W J Baker & Co in 1969 as agents for magnetic separation manufacturers and importers of Magnets. Prior to this date and since, MAGNATTACK™ Global has had extensive hands-on experience with permanent magnets and magnetic separation in the food industry in Australia and New Zealand.

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